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If you’re not sure which option is best for your particular needs, e-mail us or call us toll-free at 1-800-95-WEDGE (1-800-959-3343)



Since 1977, Auralex has added significant value by providing acoustical advice free of charge with our Personalized Room Analysis Services. We offer a total of four programs to help customers get the proper level of service to meet their unique acoustical demands. These options are the Room Layout eXpress (RLX)FREE Personalized Room Analysis (PRAF), and the RA-Plus*. Auralex can help solve acoustical issues in any size room, including large room/commercial spaces.


What are the basic steps for treating a small home studio?




Room Layout eXpress
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– Get Free & Immediate Results for Small, Simple Rooms

– For All Small Room Types Under Approximately 700 Sq. Ft.

– Receive Up To Three Different Treatment Options for Your Space

– Construction Calculator Measures Construction/Isolation Materials for the Perimeter



Personalized Room Analysis Form “P-RAF”
Large Room Analysis Form “L-RAF”




Free Room Analysis for Larger or More Complex Spaces Needing a Personal Touch

– This Service Covers All Room Types and Sizes, Including Large-Scale Commercial Facilities

– Submit Information About Your Room

– An Application Specialist Will Create a Personalized Drawing of Your Space with Treatment Placement

Note: P-RAFs are Completed First-In, First-Out, Wait Time Will Fluctuate with Demand 



Room Analysis-Plus



– A More In-Depth Analysis for Studio and Small Room Spaces

– Testing Kit Includes Omni-Directional Microphone & Downloadable Frequency Sweeps

– Run the Test in Your Space & Send the Results to Auralex

– An Auralex Professional Will Use This Information to Analyze Your Room

– You Will Receive a Detailed Analysis with Frequency Response Graphs & Treatment Diagram Suggestions to Help Improve Your Space

– Contact your local Authorized Auralex Dealer for more information regarding the RA-Plus Kit


*This is a Paid Service