Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

Just launched for 2016 – New Grab n’ Go Acoustics packaging for many of Auralex’s popular Studiofoam® Products!
These new packages make it easy to piece together a room as funds allow and can be used as a great supplemental add-on for existing treatment especially our Studiofoam® Roominator™ Kits. Expect to see them on retail store shelves soon!

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Studiofoam® Grab n’ Go Acoustics 2-Pks

Studiofoam® Pro 2″ Pyramid 1″ SonoLite™ Panels 2″ Wedge
Studiofoam Pro Retail Studiofoam-Pyramind-Polybag-Packaging SonoLite-Polybag-Black-(x1) Studiofoam-Wedge-Polybag-Packaging


Studiofoam® Grab n’ Go Acoustics Packages

LENRD® Bass Traps



Charcoal (4pk)

Wedgies™ (4pk)