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Auralex Acoustics


Product Overview

TruTraps are broadband absorber panels with the same trusted performance as 3″ Studiofoam, in a smooth, flat face, and beveled-edge panel format. These panels are a great alternative to smaller cuts of Studiofoam where a larger footprint of treatment is necessary.

An additional benefit of TruTraps is that they can be combined with TruSpacers (sold separately) in order to mount them with an air gap or “J-Mount” – diagonally across a corner to create a corner-mounted Bass Trap. Utilizing these optional 3” TruSpacers provides a 50% increase in absorption at 125Hz, 0.4 to 0.62 Absorption Coefficient, and even more when the TruTraps are placed diagonally across corners.

Technical Details


  • (5) 3 inches x 24 inches x 48 inches TruTraps
  • Available in Charcoal, Burgundy, or Purple
  • Optional 3″ TruSpacers come in packs of 32 (Charcoal only)
What Makes Auralex Studiofoam Different?

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