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Auralex Acoustics

Studiofoam® Wave™

Product Overview


Auralex’s Studiofoam® Wave™ is 2’x2’ and features a dynamic wave pattern that rises from 1” to 3” thickness. Studiofoam® Wave™ can help control unwanted mid- or high-frequency reflections and standing waves in a variety of professional and residential applications.

Studiofoam® Wave™ panels help reduce excessive reverberation and flutter echo in small- to medium-sized spaces and offer a unique upscale appearance that looks and performs great. The unique undulating pattern of the Studiofoam® Wave™ provides smoothly varying absorption across the frequency spectrum, thus also spreading sound in the time domain. It imparts a pleasing, natural sound that complements many environments.

Technical Details

  • Overall NRC of 0.80
  • Controls harsh high frequency reflections and flutter echoes.
  • Unique new Wave profile offers numerous design possibilities
  • Appropriate for use in project studios, vocal booths, live rooms, listening rooms and home theaters.
  • Add LENRD Bass Traps for a complete broadband solution

Size: 2′ wide x 2′ long; dynamic 1″ to 3″ thickness

What Makes Auralex Studiofoam Different?

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