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Product Overview


Studiofoam® Pro is a melamine-free acoustical foam with a Class A fire rating, per ASTM E84*. With a slim 1.5” thickness, Studiofoam Pro offers all the traditional benefits of Auralex’s industry leading Studiofoam® including durability & affordability while also offering outstanding acoustical performance with an overall NRC of 0.90.

Studiofoam Pro presents a low-cost option for sound absorption in churches, restaurants, clubs, professional settings and other venues that require Class A fire-rated acoustical treatment.

Due to our proprietary chemical formulation, Studiofoam Pro has all the traditional benefits of Auralex’s industry-leading Studiofoam, including outstanding durability due to reduced oxidation. Studiofoam Pro will not rot, crumble or suffer surface harm from normal use like other Class A alternatives such as melamine are reported to. Plus, it’s more affordable!

Studiofoam Pro is available in two sizes: 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4′, both 1.5” thick. It is charcoal gray and features beveled edges similar to the elegant SonoFlat and ProPanels.

The Backstory

Since we became involved in acoustics decades ago, we’ve known that the Holy Grail of acoustical treatments was the invention of a version of Auralex Studiofoam that would yield our excellent absorption characteristics AND a Class A fire rating. We’ve worked with the chemists for years and years on this concept, but until now had never been able to come up with the magic formula. Now we have.


This is a big deal for Auralex customers. Here’s why.

Some types of public buildings and some local fire codes require that acoustical materials be Class A flame retardant. (Class A indicates that the product’s “flame spread” and “smoke developed” ratings fall below certain thresholds.) Until now, when one needed Class A acoustical treatments under such circumstances, one’s choices were basically cloth-covered fiberglass and a special flame-retardant type of foam called melamine.

Nobody makes better-looking or better-performing cloth-covered fiberglass panels than Auralex. We call them ProPanels and they are wildly successful, primarily because our quality is second to none. Our edges are laser straight and our corners don’t exhibit the frayed cloth that many competing products do. Our panels are beveled for a clean, professional look that our customers love. But ProPanels are not as affordable as Studiofoam has always been, so they weren’t ideal for some customers’ budgets.

Melamine can be a decent absorber and does offer a Class A fire rating, but it is quite expensive and its physical attributes make it very sensitive to physical damage. It is quite brittle and not forgiving at all, so while it may look good when installed, it often doesn’t stay looking that way. Auralex has sold melamine, but it’s obviously not the ideal solution.

So, while we’ve been able to provide a couple different products to customers who required Class A fire ratings, we’ve not had a product with the perfect combination of appearance, pricing, absorption and flame retardancy. This is why we’ve kept pushing our chemists over the years to come up with a Class A Studiofoam formula. We knew we could develop such a fantastic product, but it sure has taken a long time and a lot of effort. Many times, the chemists wanted to give up, but I wouldn’t let them.

It was worth the effort, though.

Now we can offer our customers the ideal product: Class A flame retardancy, excellent pricing, a pro look AND the renowned physical characteristics of Auralex Studiofoam. Studiofoam Pro exhibits the same reduced oxidation and long-lasting physical properties Studiofoam has always been known for, so your investment in Studiofoam Pro will continue to yield benefits for many years to come.Auralex_Real-World_Acoustics_11-14-13

The reduced oxidation and physical resiliency of Studiofoam Pro makes it appropriate for use in classrooms, nightclubs, studios and more where physical contact with the product might occur or where the environment is less than ideal. In these cases, there’s simply no better product choice than Studiofoam Pro. Competing products’ formulations can lead to extreme oxidation under less-than-ideal conditions, as shown in the unretouched photo here, which is of a pile of a well-known competing product. This will NOT happen with Auralex Studiofoam or Studiofoam Pro. We guarantee it.

Our years of R&D and hard work have paid off.  We’re very proud of the result:  Studiofoam Pro.

Technical Details

• Overall NRC = 0.90 

• Superior Performance In 1.5” Thickness 

Two sizes,1.5” x 2’ x 2’  and 1.5”x 2’ x 4’ are available in a charcoal finish with beveled edges

• Easily mounts with Auralex® EZ-Stick ProTabs, Foamtakor TubetakPro

What Makes Auralex Studiofoam Different?



*While many Auralex products are fire retardant and/or self extinguishing to varying extents, we cannot guarantee that any product meets the specific building code regulations in your area as regulations widely vary from place to place. Check with you local fire marshal or building inspector for approval prior to purchasing or installing any of our products. Auralex will not be held liable for property damage or injuries caused by misuse of our products.

  • If your installation is a commercial application we recommend that you only consider those products that have a documented fire rating meeting a specific standard. Since local fire codes are not harmonized and are not applied in a uniform manner by local inspectors there is no guarantee of passing inspection.
  • Because of this we recommend checking with your local fire marshal or building inspector regarding which specific test standards will be accepted prior to purchasing our product.
  • We can provide fire test reports for many of our fire rated products performed by certified third party testing facilities.

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