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Auralex Acoustics


Product Overview


The Auralex SonoLite™ panel offers great absorption performance in a lightweight and slim 1″ profile. At the core of each panel is our high performance Studiofoam® Pro, allowing the SonoLite wall panel to achieve an NRC rating of 0.80. Offered in two attractive velour fabric color options, black and tan, they are designed to mount to flat walls and ceilings. For added low-frequency control, consider using SonoLite Bass Traps in the corners of your room. If you are looking for a full wall treatment set, have a look at the SonoLite SonoKits and add the brand new SonoLite Cloud Panel System above the listening/mix position to complete the whole room treatment package.


SonoLite Bass Trap








Our line of available SonoLite colors.
Left to right: Oyster, Grey, Beige, Tan, Wedgewood (Blue), Royal, Atomic Red, Burgundy, Purple, & Black

Technical Details

SonoLiteProduct Specs

Overall NRC = 0.80

SonoLite Dimensions: 1″ Thick x 24” x 24”

SonoLite Bass Traps Dimensions: 3″ Thick x 24” x 24”  (Extends ~17″ on each wall when corner mounted)

Available Colors: Oyster, Grey, Beige, Tan, Wedgewood (Blue), Royal, Atomic Red, Burgundy, Purple, & Black



• Wall Mounted Acoustical Absorption Panels

• Reduce Unwanted Acoustical Reflections

• Tame Chaotic Reverberation

• Affordable Absorption Solution For Professional & Residential Settings

• Available In Stylish Black Or Tan Velour Fabric

• EZ-Stick Pro Mounting Tabs Included


What Makes Auralex Studiofoam Different?


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals such as Antimony Trioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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