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Auralex Acoustics

SonoFlat™ System SFS-112

Product Overview


What if your room requires great acoustics and a sophisticated elegance beyond Auralex’s traditional Studiofoam products, but you have a budget significantly less than that required for fabric-covered alternatives?

Auralex’s SonoFlat System offer an all-inclusive room treatment option with a sophisticated architectural styling. SonoFlat System offer all the great advantages of our industry-leading Studiofoam such as performance and longevity, and also provides you with a multitude of design possibilities for home theaters, recording studios, and other critical listening environments.

The SFS-112 is acoustically-engineered to provide accurate sound in small and medium sized rooms. The various components and color options allow you to create a world-class sonic environment with great aesthetics at a very reasonable price.

Installation is easy, and as always, the Auralex Application Specialists will be glad to assist you in selecting the correct solution for your needs.

Technical Details

SonoFlat: 2″ x 2′ x 2′

SonoColumn: 6″ Deep x 1′ Wide x 4′ Tall

SonoCollar: 7″ Deep x 6″ Tall x 14″ Wide

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