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Auralex Acoustics

SonoFlat™ Grid™

Product Overview


Based on our popular SonoFlatabsorber, the Auralex SonoFlatGridmeasures 2″ x 2’ x 2’ and is comprised of nine 8” x 8” beveled squares. Made from Auralex’s proprietary and world-renowned Studiofoam®, these panels offer the impressive mid- and high-frequency absorption the original SonoFlatpanels are known for, as well as an elegant look that makes them a great addition to any studio, home theater or listening room.

The panels are available in three popular colors and are made from Auralex’s long-lasting, melamine-free formula, which won’t crumble with age.

The Auralex® SonoFlatGridwas developed out of our clients’ desires to have a price-conscious Studiofoam® solution with a completely unique, modern aesthetic appeal.

Add SonoColumns for added bass control.

Technical Details


  •  Design based on original SonoFlatprofile 
  •  Overall NRC of 0.85 
  •  Available in charcoal, purple & burgundy
  •  2” thick  2’ wide x 2’ long
  •  Easy Installation using FoamtakSpray Adhesive or TubetakPro Liquid Adhesive


What Makes Auralex Studiofoam Different?

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