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Auralex Acoustics

Impaling Clips

Product Overview


Impaling clips, are included as standard hardware with all ProPanel products and can be mounted to the wall using standard drywall screws (sold separately). They allow for quick and easy panel placement on virtually any surface. Use impaling clips alone for panels in low-traffic areas or when temporary mounting is necessary. Combine impaling clips and TubeTak Pro adhesive when permanent mounting is required.  See specific dimensions below.

Technical Details

  • AFN – Standard Impaling Clip Size: 1.5″ X 5″
  • AFS1 or AFS2 – 3″x 4″ (1″ or 2″ Offset) – Impaling Clip – optional
  • CTC – 4.75″ x 6″ – Corner Impaling Clip – Included with all M224 ProPanels
  • Class A Fire Rating

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