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All-In-One Premium Acoustical Room Treatment Systems

The Auralex® ProKit-1and ProKit-2acoustical treatment packages are cost-effective solutions engineered to control excess mid- and high-frequency reflections in your room. Based on the Auralex® Class A fire-rated, fabric wrapped fiberglass ProPanels, these kits provide state of the art absorption performance with high build quality, great aesthetics and low odor. The included panels cover more surface area than competing offerings, a more effective resolution to your room’s acoustical problems.

Both kits include 2”x2’x4’ beveled wall panels and reverse mitered corner bass trap panels to provide low-frequency absorption, critical in small to medium-sized rooms. The ProKit-1 and ProKit-2 room treatment systems are available in two standard fabric choices, Sandstone or Obsidian, and include all mounting hardware. Additional ProPanel Cloud and monitor isolation solutions are also available.


ProKit-1 Products SS

ProKit-1 in Sandstone

ProKit-1 Products OBS-1

ProKit-1 in Obsidian


ProKit-1 in Red SonoSuede


ProKit-1 in Black SonoSuede

ProKit-1 in Brown SonoSuede

ProKit-1 in Tan SonoSuede

ProPanel ProKit-1

For Rooms 8′ x 10′ to 12’x12’ :
• (7) B224 Beveled Edge 2”x2’x4’
• (2) M224 Mitered Edge 2”x2’x4’


ProKit-2 Products SS-1

ProKit-2 in Sandstone

ProKit-2 Products OBS-1

ProKit-2 in Obsidian


ProKit-2 in Red SonoSuede


ProKit-2 in Black SonoSuede

ProKit-2 in Brown SonoSuede

ProKit-2 in Tan SonoSuede


ProPanel ProKit-2™

For Rooms 13′ x 15′  15′ x 18′ :
• (12) B224 Beveled Edge 2”x2’x4’
• (6) M224 Mitered Edge 2”x2’x4’


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