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Auralex Acoustics

ProPanel™ Corner Traps

Product Overview


ProPanel Corner Traps are 2″ thick, 2’x2′ (M222) or 2’x4′ (M224), fabric-wrapped fiberglass bass traps cut to fit smoothly within a standard 90° corner. They are an ideal corner treatment solution when increased low-frequency absorption is needed.

M222 M224

Shown in Obsidian Fabric

Shown in Sandstone Fabric


Use the ProPanel Corner Traps in combination with B222 ProPanels/B224 ProPanels or S224 ProPanels/S222 ProPanels for a complete room treatment solution. For additional low-frequency absorption performance, pair the M224 with our DST-LENRD™ Studiofoam Bass Trap.

ProPanel Corner Traps are available in the same 12 fabric colors as other ProPanels to match any decor.

Technical Details

  • Overall NRC: 1.05
  • Panel Size: 2′ wide x 4′ long (M224) or 2′ wide x 2′ long (M222)
  • Thickness: 2”
  • Edge Hardened, Back-Mitered on 4′ sides of panel
  • Installation: Corner Impaling Clips (included)
  • Fire Rating: Class A

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