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Auralex Acoustics


Product Overview


The MAX-Wall is a portable acoustical treatment system with excellent broadband absorption with and NRC of 1.05, comes in a variety of size options and offers three colors from which to choose. The patented, modular design allows adjustable panel height and a plethora of configurations. The interlocking MAX-Wall panels can create a gap-free enclosure. Each panel is 48″ wide by 20″ tall by 4″ thick and most MAX-Wall models are complete with MAX-Stands and MAX-Wall Clamps.

Stand-Mounted, Adaptable, Portable Treatment – MAX-Wall’s your answer.


Available MAX-Wall Models & Accessories:

MW-1141VB purple  MW831_Purple_2004-(8) MAX-Wall_420
MAX-Wall 1141
-(11) MAX-Wall Panels
-(1) MAX-Wall Window Kit
-(4) MAX Stands
-(4) MAX-Wall Clamps
MAX-Wall 831
-(8) MAX-Wall Panels
-(1) MAX-Wall Window Kit
-(3) MAX Stands
-(3) MAX-Wall Clamps
MAX-Wall 420
-(4) MAX-Wall Panels
-(2) MAX Stands
-(2) MAX-Wall Clamps


MW window kit MW-200
MAX-Wall 211 (Window)
-(2) MAX-Wall Panels
-(1) MAX-Wall Window Kit
-(1) MAX Stands
-(1) MAX-Wall Clamps

MAX-Wall 200

-(2) MAX-Wall Panels


A world-famous movie director uses a sizable MAX-Wall array on his movie sets so he and his sound people can have a consistent monitoring environment. Another famous actor/director liked the first director’s setup so much that he got one for himself to use on his sets.  Both directors transport their MAX-Walls in custom flightcases.

“Rob (Hunter) heard about Auralex Acoustics and checked it out on the web”, says Branford. “He came across the MAX-Wall™, so we picked up a few to try. They are marvelous: easy to store, easy to move from session to session. We get high quality recordings every time, without the expense of setting up complicated sound control in every venue. We are now big fans of Auralex and will always use your products whenever we record.”
Branford MarsalisSaxophonist

“Every time we set up monitors, we used MoPADs™. I consider them a must. Also, we were able to create virtually any room size by using Auralex MAX-Wall™ around Kathy (Mattea) as well as drummer, Jim Brock.”
Mick ConleyEngineer

Technical Details

  • Variety Of Sizes Available (All 4.25″ thick Studiofoam)
  • Excellent Broadband Absorption
  • 3 Color Options (Charcoal, Burgundy & Purple)
  • Adjustable Height
  • Patent #US 6584736 B2

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