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Auralex Acoustics

Cornerfills™ & Cornerfill Cubes™

Product Overview


CornerFills are sections of flat-cut Studiofoam corner acoustic absorbers that are beneficial in two ways. Aesthetically, they give you smooth, clean edges against which to butt your acoustic wall treatments and acoustic foam bass traps for a more professional appearance. Acoustically, they smooth out the excess low frequency energy that congregates in room corners.

CornerFill Cubes are a terrific way to finish out trihedral corners where three LENRD Bass Traps come together. Great for larger (non-commercial) rooms.

Even without LENRDs, CornerFill Cubes offer excellent bass absorption and can look really cool, especially with other Auralex treatments butting up to them.

For both products suggested adhesive is 1 Foamtak or 1 Tubetak Pro.

CornerFills available in:





CornerFill Cubes are available packages of 2 in a 12″x12″x12″ size.

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