Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

Personalized Room Analysis™ Services

Real-World Acoustics Reversed (impact)

Since 1977, Auralex has added significant value by providing, to a large degree, acoustical advice free of charge. We offer a total of 3 programs to help customers get the proper level of service that meets their acoustical needs. These options are the FREE Personalized Room Analysis, the Room Analysis Plus and the Room Analysis Pro.

FREE Personalized Room Analysis Form
Fill out this digital form and provide a layout of your room to receive a suggested plan of acoustical treatment and placement.


Room Analysis Plus
By recording a frequency sweep in your room and sending the .WAV file back to Auralex, we can obtain frequency response and impulse data that allows us delve deeper into the sound quality issues you are facing.


Room Analysis Pro
An Auralex representative will travel to your location to take acoustical measurements of your room and a report will be developed of their findings.