Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Fall/Winter Promo

Now is the time to talk to your local (or favorite online) Authorized Auralex Dealer about new promotional pricing on some of our most popular items.

Looking to piece together treatment for a room?

This promo features several products that can easily combined to complete a treatment plan for an entire room.



LENRDHD-small SFLATCHA-004 StudiofoamPro 1-studiofoam-wedges studiofoam-wedgies
LENRD Bass Traps
SonoFlat Panels
Studiofoam Pro
Studiofoam Wedge
Studiofoam Wedgies


gramma mopads ProPAD-002 subdude d36
 MoPAD Monitor Isolators
ProPAD Monitor Isolators
SubDude Subwoofer Isolator
DST D-36 Roominator Kit

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