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General Acoustics – Reference Materials


Auralex Real-World Acoustics (PDF)
Learn, or refresh your knowledge about the basics of how to control the sound in your room.

Real-World Acoustics® covers the most common mistakes people make in their control rooms and studios and is filled with tried and true advice on creating an environment that is accurate and affordable ­– and easy to understand.

This article will be continuously updated with new sections addressing specific sound control issues such as Voice-Over recording and House Of Worship Sound Control…check back often for new updates!

Acoustics 101 English (PDF)
Acoustics101-Spanish (PDF)
Acoustics 101 Italiano (PDF)

Lots of famous folks have called our handy booklet Acoustics 101 “the best couple dozen pages ever written on studio construction.” Acoustics 101 will give you good, solid, cut-to-the-chase advice on how to build your studio, home theater or other sound-critical space so that it’s tight and acoustically sound (pun intended!)…plus, best of all, you don’t have to be a physics major or master carpenter to understand it! So, before you cut your first 2×4, check out Acoustics 101. You just might save yourself a bunch of money and a bunch of headaches!

Home Studio Acoustical Treatment on a Budget (PDF)
Auralex discusses the ins & outs of building a home studio on a budget.

How Auralex Products are Made (PDF)
Read for a brief introduction on how Auralex Studiofoam-based products are made.




Auralex Products – Reference Materials

Testing Data

A whole page dedicated to PDFs of our products’ testing data. This information can come in very handy when you are trying to solve a specific acoustical problem.