Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

Featured Installation: Piccolo Studio (Rome, Italy)



May 2015:

Our Featured Installation this month is a small project studio used to compose, record, and mix music.  Piccolo Studio (Rome, Italy) received the Auralex Treatment in March 2015 with a design by Guilio Curà of MAS Acoustics Italy. MAS is a full-service acoustics company and an authorized Auralex dealer, they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2015.fronte-Finale 1

The end user, Luca Sbardella had this to say:  “I turned to the company MAS Acoustics, with reference of Ing. Giulio Curà after (he) assisted at a seminar held in the Faculty of Engineering of Tor Vergata about acoustic treatment of studio environments. During the execution of the work, there was constant contact between me and the specialists at MAS Acoustics… I have been proposed two solutions, a more economical one and a somewhat more expensive one, but both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I chose the latter and I must say I am very happy with the result. The materials are excellent and very beautiful aesthetically. The application was simple, thanks to the Tubetak glue and the design that I was provided by the staff.”


“The aesthetic result is very pleasant thanks to the shape of the panels and their variety of colors. However the real satisfaction is in the acoustic results, direct sounds very defined and dry, the bass is well controlled. The acoustics have changed so much it gives me the feeling of having changed my monitors, which now seem to have a much wider and better defined frequency response range.”


The design that Mr. Sdardella cRetro-finalehose included Sonoflat™ Panels, Studiofoam® DST-112™

Studiofoam® Wedge, T’Fusor™ 3D Sound Diffusors, and LENRD® Bass Traps.