Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

What’s the best method to install SheetBlok?

The best method for installing SheetBlok in a wall, ceiling or floor construction is sandwiched between other layers. Why?

Other methods for installing SheetBlok that are acceptable, but do not necessarily perform quite as well as the sandwiching:

Other neat ways to use SheetBlok:

Finally, we are often asked what adhesives work best with SheetBlok. Many adhesives will hold SheetBlok in place. However, most adhesives will fail over time. This is another reason why sandwiching or, at least, mechanical fastening is best. When sandwiching, we suggest any vinyl flooring adhesive or general adhesive approved for use with vinyl. Or, simply look into using our SheetBlok Plus with its pressure sensitive adhesive (”PSA”=”Peel-and-stick”) backing.