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Auralex Acoustics

Pat Thrall

If brochures were sent to all musicians and recording engineers embarking on professional careers, Pat Thrall would certainly be on the cover. Early in his career Pat was known as a true guitar hero and was even voted ”Best New Guitarist” by the Guitar Player readers poll in 1980. He has toured, tracked, jammed, and ripped solos with a list of artists and musicians too long to mention here.

Aside from guitar calls, today Pat operates StudioPT located in the Hit Factory in NYC ( Pat is one of the world’s premier ProTools editors, produces projects, engineers, and mixes projects in his Auralex treated room. Here are just a few of StudioPT’s clients: The Black Crowes, Default, Guster, Seven Dust, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Beyonce, Gravity Kills, Nine Days, and Train.

Pat contacted Auralex with the dimensions of his room. As with the other aspects of his career, Pat was able to look at Auralex products from a different perspective. He wanted the flexibility and portability of Auralex MAX-Wall and Stand-Mounted LENRDS, but did not want to reduce the size of his space with a typical stand-mounted application. Pat used Auralex Vel-X mounting panels to affix his MAX-Wall absorbers to the walls, still allowing him to move or ”stand-mount” the MAX-Wall when desired. He increased the bass trapping performance of the Stand-Mounted LENRDs by spanning the MAX-Wall in front of the corner traps. After adding MoPADs to complete the treatments, Pat had this to say:


“I love Auralex. The Auralex products have done wonders for my room…’tight but punchy.’ The mixes I’m bringing home are very true. I mix with confidence because of Auralex. Thanks for a great product.

I am lovin’ the Gramma as well. There is not an amp in my studio that is recorded without it underneath it. It tightens up the bottom and gets rid of the standing waves that can muddy up the sound when recording power guitar. Great work.

Give my best to everyone there.

Pat Thrall”

Auralex in return says ”Cheers” to you Pat and thank you for your great work!