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Johnny A

Creating your own unique ‘voice’ and carving out a name for yourself is an almost impossible task for a guitarist these days, but Favored Nations’ recording artist Johnny A. has managed to do both.

By his own admission, Johnny is a real detail guy and embodies the essence of DIY… in other words, an ideal Auralex customer. With the help of Auralex, Johnny turned an extra room of his house into his personal mix suite.

After spending multiple 10-hour days cleaning up tracks, comping tracks and performing fades and mutes for his February 2004 release, Johnny stated, “It was amazing how fresh he (his engineer) was after ten or eleven hours worth of work in that room compared to the way we felt when we were in the studio cutting the tracks. I can sit in my room all day and not feel all beat up, which to me is the key to stamina in the studio; not getting beat up by the environment.”

Auralex thanks Johnny A. for his support and looks forward to many years of his rippin’ guitar music!

• ”Guitar Wizard Johnny A.”
Mix Magazine – March 1, 2004

• Favored Nations
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