Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

GBT Studios, Nashville

Auralex Acoustics, Inc. recently provided acoustical consulting services and acoustical treatment products for the new GBT Studios facility near Nashville, Tennessee. Auralex was originally contacted in the Fall of 1999 by the owners – award-winning and chart-topping producer and engineer Brian Tankersley and Mark Miller, lead singer for the multi-platinum Sawyer Brown – when the studio was in the planning stages.

The Auralex design team reviewed preliminary sketches of the studio layout and made suggestions for small changes. Construction was completed by Danny Parker and Mark Tankersley, who also contributed to much of the design.

Some of the acoustical concerns Auralex addressed were:
1. Good acoustical separation* between Recording Stations for effective performances.
2. Good acoustical separation* between Recording Stations and the Mix Position for good tracking.
3. Early reflections and effective bass traps in the Main Room for precise mixing.

*There can’t be true acoustical isolation between these spaces without walls or other barriers between them.