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Blue Microphones – Skipper Wise

Skipper Wise is a consummate musician and cornerstone of the recording industry. His career includes successes as both a recording artist and manufacturer with BLUE Microphones. Recently Auralex Acoustics partnered with Blue Microphones along with TC Electronics and DigiDesigns in a new studio/demonstration room in Los Angeles. The images show parts of this exciting effort. After your curiosity is peaked by the interview below, please feel free to go to for more great details and inspiration.


Auralex: Limiting to just three highlights for the sake of brevity, how would you summarize your career to date?

SW: a) One of persistence and good fortune. I was able to have a career as a recording artist/musicians for most of my life. This seemed like an impossible goal as a kid growing up. The fact that I was able to achieve this gave me the confidence and understanding about following my instincts.

b) The birth of my three children and for unknown reasons my wife staying with me all these years. This has helped me to understand what family means in everyday life. This extends to all that I do in the creative process. I am not alone in any of the success I have had. There are many people behind the scenes that are part of this.

c) Blue Microphones. From all the years of making records I had a list of things that gave me problems in the recording process. Microphones were one of them. All the Blue mics were designed from a practical point of view. They were created as tools for myself and the people around our circle of musicians and engineers. I was taught as a recording artist to try to find our own sound. As we each have our own personalities, I was taught to put as much of myself as I could muster into my work. I feel the my partner Martins and I have achieved this at Blue in the sense of our look and sound, based on quality craftsmanship and unique designs. Our personalities, as strange as they may be are well represented.

Auralex: Microphones and acoustics are certainly ”tied at the hip”. What role does acoustics have in your product development process?

SW: Without a proper acoustically built environment to record and listen in we could not have achieved our goals in microphone design. If the room is treated right, such as our new studio is with all the Auralex products, you can tell what is going on with the signal you are recording. The mic plays more of a reproductive tool and can tell you what is going on.

Auralex: Could you discuss your new facility in terms of your goals for the space?

SW:Within the Blue offices is 2000-foot recording studio that has just been treated with all the Auralex products. It consists of a live room and a studio where the recording equipment is housed. The studio area has been treated with Auralex Pro Panels and is best describes as ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It’s like being in a private home theater. The live room has been Auralex treated in a manner to keep the liveliness present and compliment the instruments tonal character.

The working concept is based around some of the most respected manufactures in pro audio that have banded together to create an environment to teach personal how their equipment functions in the real world. We at Blue Microphones are proud to have, Digidesign, TC Electronics, Auralex and Focusrite as partners in this endeavor. Yamaha has donated some musical instruments and Argosy console has provided us with the console frame and rack enclosure to house the respected outboard processing equipment.

Throughout the year various manufacturers will sponsor trainings using each other’s equipment to show how to help the consumers integrate, and benefit from each other’s products. It is a first of it’s kind and we are proud to be part of this new exciting facility.

Auralex: Where do you see BLUE Microphones heading in the next ten years?

SW: Hopefully creating something relevant. I say this with a serious tone as I had spent 25 years making records but have been out of it for about 4 years now. Most likely I will need to find my way in the music side of things again in the near future, as what we have designed and manufactured is based on my and partner Martins Saulespurens own experiences. Without that process of being in the so-called trenches you can be come out of touch. Things are changing rapidly. The recording process is quite different today from what it once used to be many years ago. Microphones need to change as well to compliment this ever-evolving times. This is our underlying theme to the future.

Fortunately for us, microphones will be needed in the recording process for a while unless someone develops a USB connector to plug into your neck.

Auralex: Flyer question- taking anything musically related off the list of options, how would you most like to spend tomorrow?

SW: Being alive and looking forward!

Thank you Skipper for your great support of Auralex and for your offerings to the music we all enjoy.