Auralex Acoustics

Auralex Acoustics

For Our Products!

Auralex Acoustics® was founded over 40 years ago on the belief that there had to be a much better alternative to the expensive acoustic foam panels available at that time. Indeed there was; not only dramatically less expensive, but also with significant performance advantages.

Today Auralex takes great pride in offering a full line of acoustical products based on the “better price/better mousetrap” principle.

The great initial success of Studiofoam® quickly led to other innovations including our industry-leading Venus and LENRD™ Bass Traps. When no reasonably priced diffusors existed, we developed the high-performance T’Fusor and MiniFusor. When our customers demanded a modular, absorptive, expandable, and, most importantly, portable solution, we introduced the MAX-Wall (the first acoustical product to ever be featured on the cover of a major industry magazine) and Stand-Mounted LENRDs to great widespread acclaim!

When there were few low-cost, effective construction and isolation products, we answered with SheetBlokU-Boat™ Floor FloatersPlatFoam, and other affordable solutions. Most recently, our staff has created specialty products such as the GRAMMA (Gig & Recording Amp & Monitor Modulation Attenuator) and our hot new MoPADs that answer critical isolation needs and result in dramatically truer sound.

While some may try to imitate us, they fall way short.

For Our Performance!

Auralex continues to develop industry-leading solutions that offer incredible performance at a price dramatically less than other over-hyped, much more costly alternatives. Auralex® Studiofoam® offers superior absorption and terrific longevity… in 12 colors and in a wide variety of decorative styles.

We offer three levels of diffusion, with our T’Fusor yielding world-class performance at less than half the price of other companies’ inferior devices. Our Roominators Complete Acoustical Control Kits are less than half the price of overpriced, underspec’d wannabes, and outperform by a long margin their flashy, acoustically-limited imitations.

The Auralex MAX-Wall answers critical functional needs with incredible absorption that’s linear from 250Hz to 4000Hz. We design our products to always exceed our customers’ expectations; try out a GRAMMA V2 or a set of MoPADs… you’ll absolutely LOVE them!

Auralex products always provide value AND superior performance. Auralex does not produce “me, too” products!

For Our People!

One huge difference between Auralex and our competitors is our passion to help ALL of our customers attain truer sound at a reasonable price. When it was apparent that there was no good, straight-forward guide to help customers build solid, reasonably-priced studios, our founder wrote the acclaimed Acoustics 101 primer. After selling thousands of copies, we made a customer-friendly decision to publish it in print and on our website for no charge. Customers love Acoustics 101 and it is used as a teaching guide in classrooms around the country.

Over time, we’ve added to our growing staff quite a crew of music and recording junkies who help produce our exceptional, informative – and most importantly, understandable catalogs and websites.

Since our humble beginnings years ago we’ve become known for adding lots of value to your acoustics quest by offering tons of free suggestions and advice. We’ve ultimately evolved this into many thousands of free consultations facilitated by our industry-leading Room Analysis Services. Every one of our Product Application Specialists are practicing musicians with considerable recording experience. Our staff includes degreed acoustical engineers, Berklee grads, home theater experts, and veterans of many years of acoustical design and installation. They’re all at Auralex because they love good sound!

We now have over 700 authorized dealers worldwide who are committed to improving your acoustical environment with Auralex solutions. Whether your space is a home studio, home theater, conference room, church multi-purpose room, professional studio, rehearsal hall, or simply your garage, Auralex people can help you get the right sound at the right price! While some of our commission-driven competitors have been quoted as asking customers “do ya want it or don’t ya?,” Auralex staff and Auralex dealers will never resort to such low-brow tactics. We gently help our customers understand why our products offer the best value and performance – and let our customers decide if an Auralex purchase is right for them. The Golden Rule is alive and well at Auralex!

For Our Passion!

While there are a few other decent acoustical products out there, nowhere else will you find a staff like ours; a staff that’s committed to the excellence of every Auralex installation regardless of scope or price. Sure we were the acoustical consultants on the home theater of the year – a theater that cost millions – but we’re also the kings of the low-dough, great-sounding home studio!

Every day we live and breathe acoustics with a passion for better sound that sometimes borders on the fanatical. With all our years as performing musicians (both on tour and in the studio), as broadcasters, as music lovers, and as professional sound engineers, we not only know what you’re going through in your quest for better sound – we are you!