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Product Information

SonoSuede Systems As Pro Audio technology continues to evolve, sound control solutions must meet greater acoustical demands while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

The Auralex® SonoSuede Pro™ or SonoSuede HT™ is a cost-effective complete do-it-yourself room treatment system ideal for the professional studio or any critical listening environment. The synthetic suede fabric-covered panels provide the acoustical performance and visual impact critical for today’s applications.

The SonoSuede System’s unique mounting blocks help you get the most out of your treatment by spacing the panels off the wall. The resulting air gap dramatically improves low frequency absorption and also offers a multitude of decorative options.

PDF Documents: SonoSuede Product Specs | Installation Guide

  Available Fabric Combinations

  Application Photos

SonoSuede Systems - application photo #1 Lifestyle/Listening Room
SonoSuede Systems - application photo #2 Commercial 5.1 Recording Studio
SonoSuede Systems - application photo #3 Home Theater

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