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SonoFiber Natural Fiber Acoustic Panels

Product Information

SonoFiber Natural Fiber Acoustic Panels SonoFiber is the perfect solution for those budget-conscious projects requiring a Class A fire rating without the aesthetic demands of designer treatments such as fabric-covered panels. SonoFiber is ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, gymnasiums, houses of Worship, multi-purpose rooms and any other commercial or industrial environment where aesthetic concerns are secondary to performance and safety.

SonoFiber is a 1" thick charcoal gray natural fiber acoustic absorptive panel that offers significant advantages over the more traditional Class A melamine foam alternatives, including:

• lower cost per square foot
• sound absorption coefficients equal to or better than 2" thick melamine products
• a flexible form that will not puncture or break like melamine panels
• safe, easy, dust-free installations

  Available Colors

  Application Photos

SonoFiber Natural Fiber Acoustic Panels - application photo #1 These SonoFiber acoustic absorption panels are turned to form a diamond shape and then stacked upon each other.
SonoFiber Natural Fiber Acoustic Panels - application photo #2 This wall of a home theater displays a simple array of SonoFiber natural fiber acoustic panels.
SonoFiber Natural Fiber Acoustic Panels - application photo #3 Diamond-shaped SonoFiber panels stacked on straight SonoFiber panels in a home theater.

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