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Diagnose your acoustical problems!packagin

In this box you will find an omni-directional measurement microphone and a USB drive that includes frequency sweeps and step-by-step instructions on how to record this sweep in your room. This recorded sweep will be sent back to Auralex via e-mail for further analysis.

With the data obtained through this service we will be able to compare our acoustical models with hard data to verify acoustical theory with real world testing. As a result, the acoustical treatment suggestions that are obtained from the Room Analysis Plus service will be tailored for your room.

step 1Step One:
Record the supplied frequency
sweep in your room.


Step Two:
Send the file to Auralex along with diagrams, photos and additional information about your room.

step 2

Step Three:
Auralex analyzes the information and provides you with a report outlining the best acoustical treatment plan for your room.


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