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If one of your main concerns in achieving studio acoustics is stopping sound from traveling in or out of your room, this is most likely addressed with a multi-layered studio construction approach - adding mass and/or airspace to your existing structure or better yet, building a room within a room. Auralex Studiofoam acoustic absorption panels are not an acoustic sound barrier, so it will do little to stop sound from traveling through your walls, ceiling or floor. Auralex Acoustics offers numerous sound studio construction products to assist with your acoustic sound isolation issues, which are all outlined in our on-line document entitled "Acoustics 101" located in our literature section. Also see our page, Bothering Your Neighbors?, for helpful diagrams and audio clips.

Mineral Fiber Insulation Sheetblok Sound Barrier
U-Boat Floor Floaters Sheetblok-Plus
RC-8 Resilient Channel StopGap Sealant
Mineral Fiber Insulation Sheetblok Sound Barrier
Mineral Fiber Sheetblok
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