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Being environmentally conscious means more than recycling and reducing waste. It also means purchasing recycled and environmentally-friendly products. At Auralex, we strive to provide the most effective, high quality acoustical products while still being green. By using these products, consumers can also benefit by attaining LEED certification, and reaching Green Building goals. On this page you can learn about the benefits of these products and how Auralex is working to look after our earth.


Recycled Products

Ever wonder where plastic bottles go when you recycle them? Our EcoTech absorption panels are made of large sheets of recycled plastic. Available in white, these panels can be secured directly to the walls in your room, or hidden within the wall of a Custom Fabric System. Similarly, SonoFiber is an absorption panel made of recycled cotton, and can be installed on the walls or in CFS. SonoFiber is also now available in charcoal and white.

Made from Renewable Resources

Products made from renewable resources make less impact on the environment because the supply grows back quickly. An example of this is our complete line of Sustain™ Bamboo Diffusors. On average bamboo grows 24 inches a day, so this supply is constantly regenerating. Also, all Auralex Studiofoam® is StudiofoamEco, a formula containing soy, which is one of the major agricultural crops in the U.S.

Low Emission Products

Our ELiTE ProPanels emit a low amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), and result in a better air quality for suggested use in any environment from homes, to schools and commercial use. The manufacturing for these panels also eliminates the use of formaldehyde and phenol from the fabrication process.


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